Banyuatis is the name of a farm village in Buleleng regency in north Bali, which is famous for its abundant coffee products. Coffee trunk grows well at cool-climate land which is good for coffee plantation. There are two types of coffee plants: Robusta and Arabica coffee, both grown in the fertile plateau that divides the island of Bali. In Gesing, Munduk, Gobleg, Banyuatis village of Singaraja, and the surrounding areas are the centre of the coffee producers, while in Tabanan, coffee-producing centre is located in Pupuan and its surrounding areas.

In 1976, Ketut Englan - one of the successful coffee farmers in this village started his business to produce traditional Bali coffee. He used name of village Banyuatis as the name of the company. The coffee beans produced pure, perfectly processed into ground coffee that has a distinctive aroma fragrance. Ketut Englan employs people around the village to produce ready-to-use coffee powder and the form of roasted beans. The process undergone by the coffee bean into powder begings from the oven, then it is milled and packaged in compliance with the needs. 

The raw materials are supplied by farmers at the surroundings of Pupuan and Banyuatis Villages. The purchased coffee is the dry one with an certain amount of resolved water content so that the coffee bean can be processed straightforwardly. Coffee selection is performed by the company through special tests. It is intended to maintain the quality of its production.

Currently Banyuatis is one of the moderately well known coffee manufacturing in Buleleng is the Kopi Banyuatis. These enterprises are managed both traditionally and modernly by means of sophisticated and modern machines. Besides producing coffee in the form of beans they also produce various types of coffee powder marketed to all areas in Bali and Indonesia. Their product brands are: Banyuatis Arabica Bean Super QualityBanyuatis Robusta Bean Super QualityBanyuatis Arabica Ground Coffee Super QualityBanyuatis Robusta Ground Coffee Super Quality and Regular Banyuatis Ground Coffee.

Up to these days, this company remains to apply the firewood within the baking process in oven. An oven tube containing 75 kg of coffee is baked for an hour and then milled for an hour. This company processed 30 tons of coffee monthly. Its products are marketed in different kinds of packages, namely 50g, 100g and 500g. First class coffee consists of the Arabica and Robusta within certain amount of composition. It results in typical distinguished aroma and flavour to Banyuatis coffee, while second world-class coffee is the Arabica mixed with Robusta within certain amount of percentage. It then emanates the aroma and flavour, typically Banyuatis, while for the second class of coffee, the product is blended with the mixture of corn powder.

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