Korean Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation

Korea Tobacco & Ginseng (KT&G) and later "Korea Tomorrow & Global Corporation", Korean : 한국담배인삼공사, Hanguk Dambae Insam Gongsa, KRX: 033780) is the leading tobacco company in South Korea with annual sales over $2 billion USD. KT&G was originally a government-owned monopoly but today is private-owned and must compete for market share with the world's largest tobacco firms such as Benson & Hedges Group, Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Gallaher Group and Japan Tobacco. KT&G’s sales volume share was 62% of the Korean market in 2009.

KT&G produces popular Korean cigarette brands such as: The One, Indigo, Arirang, This, This Plus, Zest, Esse, Raison, and Lo Crux. It has been expanded outside Korea, especially through its superslims brand Esse in Russia and other eastern European markets. KT&G also has significant affiliates such as a ginseng corporation, a pharmaceutical firm, and several bio ventures. Its headquarters are in Daejeon.

KT&G has gained a competitive advantage in the market through change and innovation, and is growing into a global giant company by leaping into the world market beyond Korea. In addition, it is trying to become a company that helps society through its various social contribution activities and is fulfilling its environmental responsibility by, for example, developing eco-friendly products and through resource and energy savings.


ESSE Cigarettes are produced in South Korea by Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corp., Paraguay. The company dominates the Korean tobacco market, enjoying a market share approaching 80%, and is a rapidly emerging power in global markets, with increasing sales in the USA, China, and Central and Southeast Asia. Cigarettes sales have moved towards low- and ultra-low tar cigarettes and those containing menthol. Some of the brands that are popular among females include Esse Menthol and Virginia Slims. A significant share of this quantity is made up by Esse cigarettes which are the best selling brand of KT&G. 

This Super Slim brand makes a serious competition to both BAT and Philip Morris in selling cigarettes marketed to women. Esse cigarettes gain popularity all over the world thanking to their high quality and optimal price. Despite the fact KT&D Corporation does not officially export Esse cigarettes to the United States of America and Western Europe, the only way to purchase these brand of cigarettes through online store.

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