PT Bentoel Internasional

PT Bentoel Internasional Investama Tbk (Bentoel Group) is an Indonesian second largest tobacco company after Sampoerna. 
In the late 1960s, Bentoel Group became the first company in Indonesia to produce machine-made filter cigarette using plastic to wrap the cigarette box. These innovations later became standard on the national tobacco industry.

In 1990 the company became a public company Bentoel listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya. 
Rajawali Group took over the management of Bentoel in 1991. Then in 2000, the company change the company name to PT Bentoel International Investama.  In 2009, British American Tobacco plc. the world's second largest tobacco company, acquired an 87% stake in Bentoel. PT Bentoel International Investama then became a member of PT BAT Indonesia Tbk in 2010, while maintaining Bentoel name.

On March 6th 2013 the American company Philip Morris International bought back the formerly Indonesian brand of cigarettes The Bentrol Group. The company logo of the formerly Indonesian company The Bentrol Group will be changed in the summer of the American year 2013. 
Between 1980-2005, Bentoel Group was a subsidiary of Philip Morris International.

Bentoel and its subsidiary companies Bentoel Group, is now a member of British American Tobacco Group, the second largest quoted tobacco group in the world by global market share with brands sold in over 180 markets. 
Today, the Bentoel Group is the 4th largest cigarette manufacturer in Indonesia with approximately 8% market share. The Bentoel Group manufactures and markets a diverse range of products in the segments of machine-made kretek, handmade kretek and white cigarettes. Approximately 7,065 people are employed by the Bentoel Group, employing staff in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of cigarettes. The Bentoel Group aims to be the fastest growing tobacco company in Indonesia.

The company’s brands for local market are Sejati,
Star Mild, Club Mild, Neo Mild, Tali Jagat, Bentoel Biru, Bintang Buana, X Mild, and Uno Mild. The brands for global market are Dunhill, Lucky Strike, Ardath, and Pall Mall. The new Dunhill Mild clove cigarette was launched in March 2012 and is the first clove cigarette to be manufactured by a subsidiary company of British American Tobacco, under a global drive brand.

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