PT Gudang Garam

In his twenties, Wonowidjojo got his big break when his uncle offered him a job working with tobacco and sauce at his kretek factory Cap 93. Cap 93 was one of the most famous kretek brands in East Java. Hard work and diligence was soon rewarded by promotion to Head of Tobacco and Sauce and eventually led to him becoming a company director.

Wonowidjojo left Cap 93 in 1956 taking fifty employees with him. The story behind the name "Gudang Garam" deserves a special mention. One night, Wonowidjojo had a dream in which the old salt warehouse which stood across the way from Cap 93 featured prominently. Subsequently, Sarman, one of the original fifty employees who had followed him when he left Cap 93, advised him to put a picture of the warehouse on every packet of his kretek to secure good fortune. Wonowidjojo thought this was a good idea and asked Sarman to design the logo. Since that time he renamed and registered his company as Pabrik Rokok Tjap Gudang Garam and a legend was born.

PT Gudang Garam is one of the leading tobacco industry in the country which has been established since 1958 in the town of Kediri, East Java. 
Gudang Garam grew rapidly and by the end of 1958 it had 500 employees producing over 50,000,000 kretek annually. By 1966, after only eight years in production. Gudang Garam had grown to be the largest kretek factory in Indonesia with an annual production of 472 million sticks. Consumers have noted Gudang Garam's, particularly the Inghwies, similar smell to alcoholic beverages. By 1969, Gudang Garam was producing 864 million sticks a year and was indisputably the largest kretek producer in Indonesia and Taiwan. In 1979, Wonowidjojo completely renovated Gudang Garam's production system, ordered thirty rolling machines and developed a new formula for his machine-made kretek.

Until now, Gudang Garam always the best for the audience of true clove, and widely known both domestically and abroad as a producer of high quality cigarettes. 
Gudang Garam's products can be found in many variations, such as rolled cigarettes klobot, hand-rolled clove cigarettes and up-machine-rolled clove cigarettes. For lovers of true clove, our commitment is to provide an irreplaceable experience in enjoying kretek made ​​from high-quality choice.

The Gudang Garam slogans are "GUDANG GARAM, Harum, Gurih, Nikmat" (GUDANG GARAM, Fragant, Tasteful, and Enjoy), "GUDANG GARAM, Kreteknya Lelaki" (GUDANG GARAM, Kretek For Men), "GUDANG GARAM, Rokok Resmi SEA Games 1991" (Gudang Garam, Official Cigarette of 1991 Southeast Asian Games), "Always Indonesia (Always GUDANG GARAM), "GUDANG GARAM, Rokok Resmi SEA Games 1995" (Gudang Garam, Official Cigarette of 1995 Southeast Asian Games), "GUDANG GARAM, Buktikan Merahmu" (GUDANG GARAM, Show Your Red), "GUDANG GARAM, Rokok Resmi SEA Games 2001" (Gudang Garam, Official Cigarette of 2001 Southeast Asian Games), "GUDANG GARAM, Rokok Resmi SEA Games 2007" (Gudang Garam, Official Cigarette of 2007 Southeast Asian Games), "GUDANG GARAM, Nyalakan Merahmu" (GUDANG GARAM, Turn On Your Red).

The Gudang Garam brands for local market are
Gudang Garam International, Gudang Garam Signature, Gudang Garam Professional, Surya 12, Surya 16, Surya 12 Premium, Surya 16 Exclusive, Surya Pro, Surya Pro Mild, Surya Signature, Surya Slims, Surya Exclusive, Gudang Garam Merah, Gudang Garam Klobot, and Gudang Garam GG Mild.

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