PT Karya Dibya Mahardika

PT Karya Dibya Mahardika is a domestic tobacco company origin Indonesia . The company was first established in 2007. Located in the center of Pandaan, Pasuruan, East Java, the company has had several branch companies in the region of East Java, Central Java and Jakarta.

The company has introduced a program of investment and action plan to bring the company into one of the national tobacco companies that will be able to penetrate the International market.

The company brands for local market are : Absolute Mild, Absolute Mild Menthol, Absolute Ruby, Minna International, Minna Barokah, Barokah Fortune, Apache, Extreme Mild, Extreme Mild Menthol, 7 Eleven, Kennedy, Marcopolo, Avocado, Bheta, Baby Beans, Latitude 6, Bomb, Gulden, Pencil Mas, White Pencil, Surry Mas, Surry Super, Filo Mild, Master Mild, Win Mild and Win Mild Minti Ceta. 
The brands for global market are Bohem Cigar, Esse, Raison and The One.

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