PT Nojorono Tobacco International

PT Nojorono Tobacco International (NTI) is Indonesian cigarette company. Nojorono was founded in 1932 and based in Kudus, Central Java. The company is well known as the owner of the trademark Djinggo and Clas Mild.

One of the famous brand of the company is Minak Djinggo, the name of a character in Javanese puppetry and Clas Mild . While other brand names may have never heard before: Astrokoro, 234 and Kaki Tiga. This is probably because all three are produced by Trio (the company name early before eventually turned into Nojorono).

In contrast to other companies that are generally controlled by a single family for generations, Nojorono controlled collectively by the five families at a time. First it was Tjoa Kang Hay, who once worked for Nitisemito, invites his brother, Tan and Tan Kong Lunch Tjiep Ping to establish Trio. After that Kang Hay looking for new partners in Kudus, ie Siong and Tan Ko Djie Djing Dhay, to establish Nojorono.

Established in 1932, Norojo's biggest innovation was waterproof cigarette where he also has a patent on his invention. This product possible made of paraffin in the production process of cigarette. Because of its advantages, this Nojorono product become very popular among sailors and fishermen. Other most famous brand is
Clas Mild.
The company's brands are Nikki Super, Niko International, Clas Mild, Play Mild, Aroma, Aroma Slim, Djinggo, Djinggo Plus, Marathon, Dimension.

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