PT Pura Perkasa Jaya

PT Pura Perkasa Jaya is well knows as BOKORMAS. 
BOKORMAS interpreted as a large golden bowl in the ancient Javanese-Indonesian. In the history of the ancient Javanese kingdom, a "bowl", made ​​of copper and sometimes made of gold. Its used as a storage of valuables, such as jewelry and rice by the rich people at that time. The bowl itself as a symbol of success, a quality and history.

PT Pura Perkasa Jaya (BOKORMAS) is a cigarette company in Indonesia, which produces cigarettes for the domestic market.
Founded in 1949 by five brothers, BOKORMAS at first only a small domestic industry for the local market located in Mojokerto, 50 km from Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. After all the eldest brother died, then the two brothers continue this company until today.

The company's vision is becoming a major player in the tobacco industry in Indonesia by offering quality products in accordance with consumer tastes. The main focus of the company to develop various products according to meet customer wishes. 
The company's brands are Istana Kretek, Forza Mild, UP Mild, UP Menthol, UP Special, UP Special Menthol, UP Blue, UP Black and UP Black Menthol.

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