PT Santos Jaya Abadi

PT Santos Jaya Abadi is one of the many companies incorporated in Kapal Api Group. The company first started its business from home-industry unbranded ground coffee in 1927 at Jalan Panggung No. 9, Surabaya.  The rapid growth of the company demanded larger production facilities.  In 1979 Santos Jaya Abadi moved to Jalan Raya Gilang 159, Taman Sepanjang, Sidoarjo. With more than seventy years of experience in coffee production, the company puts professionalism at the top of the list without disregarding its familial culture.

The company’s progress from the day it was established until today is the result of three generations of evolution, with each generation contributing significant influences to the enhancement of the company performance.

1st Generation
The entrepeneur whose idea was to embark in a home-industry business in coffee.  Everything was done with and within the family, from producing coffee to selling it to the market.

2nd Generation
As the successor, this generation started to expand the business by bringing in modern machinery and production equipment. Apart from that, marketing strategy was also developed through performing product promotion using posters, banners, advertisements, bazaars and electronic media.

3rd Generation
This generation carries on the previous improvements and is leading the change to become a world class company.

PT Santos Jaya Abadi instant coffee brands are
Kapal Api Mocha, Kapal Api Kopi Susu Ginseng, Kapal Api Susu, Kapal Api Mantap, Kapal Api Grande Java Latte, ABC Susu, ABC Plus, ABC STMJ, ABC Brownies, ABC Mocca, Good Day Coffeemix, Good Day Coolin, Good Day Mocacinno, Good Day Vanilla Latte, Good Day Cappuccino, Good Day Carrebian Nut, Excelso, Kapten, Ya and Ceremix cereal.

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